SERAM release "Banker"

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

A major feature release of SERAM has been deployed.

  • New "Reports" module.
    A new module "Reports" has been added to SERAM, and the ability to define and execute reports added.
    The report definitions are a hierarchy of nested blocks which are used to define the report output. There are basically two categories of blocks: control flow and content.
    The control flow blocks implement loops as well as ordering. All blocks also have optional conditions which control when these are to be processed.
    Content blocks render content into the output Word document. The blocks support outputting document sections, headers and footers, table of contents, rich text with placeholders and footnote support, tables, native Office charts (even mixed), breaks etc.
    Definitions can have typed variables which are presented to the user with a UI when running the report. These variables can, for instance, query structures, indicators, times or plain text to be used in the report.
    Reports are rendered in the background, and are stored for download.
  • Allow users to create new structures from within the Dashboard and Data Entry.
    This allows for creation of structures even for users who are not administrators and who do not have access to the Structures module.
  • Allow exporting any DataGrid component content to Excel.
    Any data table can now be exported to Excel by using the "xlsx" link (close to the Filter).
  • Early display formula editor syntax problems in expressions, predicates, queries and XML.
    When editing expression, predicate, query formulas or XML code, the syntax is checked at apply time and problems are reported right away including position information.
  • Allow setting permissions for children only (InheritedButNotSelf)
    Permissions can now be granted to "Children only" (InheritedButNotSelf) in addition to the "This object" (Self) and "This object and children" (Inherited) permission levels.
    Also the permissions dialog has been adjusted to allow for more granular setting of permissions by subject and object.